Organizations find that technology is playing a larger role in the potential of growth in their company.  John has had the opportunity to be involved an a wide variety of organizations to discover the right technology metrics to measure and set strategy based on the business model to support success.

Specializing in helping decision makers at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) GROW their business through efficient technology strategy and implementation


Let's face it - it comes down to people - technology people working for and WITH management to reach your business objectives. John has experience identifying and developing cross departmental teams that result in successful projects and strategies.

Tech Confidence

There is no better way to build confidence in your technology team than to demonstrate your willingness to dive in and experience it.  An added benefit to investing time in applying technology is your own personal productivity.  Cloud, BYOD, wearables, Windows vs. Android vs. Apple/Mac.  John will work with you to find the right recipe for productivity.

Build your technology confidence

technology must support, not dictate your business model


Having been certified as a CISSP, currently a CISA, having been involved with the Internet since the late 1980s, and building and working in an Infrastructure Technology Services company for more than 21 years, John has an educated, experienced,  COMMON SENSE approach to discovering and recommending the appropriate level of security.

Catalyst consulting CAN Help YOU to

measure the value of your technology.
Improve efficiencY of technology in your business model

Assess your technology security

feel more comfortable with your personal technology